JamesX and RoyalBlood1935

Habbo Boy and Girl Adventures are a series consisting of two characters adventuring in the dark forest of no return. It stars JamesX and RoyalBlood1935 as the main characters (what I was talking about). It is an unfinished novel


  • JamesX as James the Village Boy
  • RoyalBlood1935 as Royal Blood the Village Girl
  • Dr. Idiot as himself
  • Garnair as Garnair the Rescuer
  • Molf and Molfette as city people
  • Unnamed Molfette-lookalike relatives as city people

    Various garden city people gathered up in the Library.


    Molfette and her unnamed relatives with various color schemes.

    Molf Habbo


  • Unnamed Molfs and Molfettes as city people


  • Chapter One: Life in the ***** place
  • Chapter Two: The Adventure Begins
  • Chapter Three: At a City
  • Chapter Four: Continuing to No Returns!
  • Chapter Five:
  • Chapter Six:



  • JamesX and RoyalBlood1935 are dressed as village humans when acting.
  • The city seems to be a garden city where the Molfs and Molfettes live. The sign says "Leafy Blossoms City" and another caption says "Ruler: Mother Nature".

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