Habbo Fanon

Right now, we are still setting up. We are a wiki, that is about everything in Habbo Hotel, community wise. We run on user-generated content.
Creating A Page
Create a page for your:
Please see our affiliates for real info on Habbo:
As we just opened recently, we are working on a policy. Until then, all Wikia rules apply. Also, please note the following:
  1. Refrain from using strong language. Here, you have the freedom to speak, but we must moderate at a level.
  2. Do not harass others. Do not use hurtful language about someone.
  3. No Retros. Don't mention them at all. Images, stories and groups may be from retros, but do not give the name or logo of the retro at all!

Otherwise, that should be all. Use common sense! :D

Becoming An Admin
For the first few months, we are selecting Admins by your contributions. After this time, we will open admin applications.

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