Your friends are people you hang out with, play games with, chat with, basically if you two do anything that is fun for the both of you, you got a friend! Friends are really fun to have because they're always there when you need them the most, or when you're really bored!

Fanon With Friends

On this Fanon Wiki you can write fanon about you and your friends! This means you can write about you and your friend going on a mystical adventure, to fighting pirates on the seven seas, to even just sitting at your or their house watching shows on their Digital TV. You can write about anything that you would want to do with them! Even if it can't be done inside of Habbo you can write a Fanon that takes place in Habbo, but it has real life scenarios. You and your friend can even write the story together! Just tell them the wiki's link and the page name. The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination.

Other References

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