This is the Habbo Fanon Wiki's first page!

Hailing from Runescape, Mithril furni is much stronger and durable than that cheap Mode junk. No, our logo is totally original and not a "Mode" knock-off.

The line

We only need 4 fine objects in our collection. Any more would be over kill.

Mode bookshelf
Mode tablechair
Mode table 3
Mode minibar


(Habbo coins/Runescape gp)

  • Bookshelf: 5coins/5000gp
  • Chair: 1coin/1000gp
  • Table: 3coins/3000gp
  • Minibar: 6coins/2000gp

(Runescape doesn't have infinite food at hand, like that Habbo game, so the minibar is discounted.)


  • In the Mithril logo, a Z-Shelf is shown. This is strange because Mithril is too good to make Z-Shelfs.

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